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GloMaP – no need to create matrices, new software settings or other configurations, no entering service providers, and much more – you only need your actual and/or planned quantities and prices (where available) – and what is left, we will take care of for you
GloMaP – a high-performance analytical tool for comprehensive single and overall evaluations, e.g. by region, country, frequency, transit time, service type, airline or shipping company grouping and much more – s imply ask us ... Contact us
GloMaP – all versions are changeable from covert to reversible (ranking and open) tender invitations
The company
The brand GloMaP.com was founded at the start of 2000 as an internet marketplace (freight exchange) for sea transportation. We were one of the first European providers operating a general online marketplace in the year 2000.
Today, the brand GloMaP.com is one of the leading European providers of electronic solutions for the global procurement of logistics services for all modes of transportation (air, land, sea) and value added services. (Warehouse, distribution and Courier Express Parcel service)
We are a completely neutral software company and service provider, independent of those operating in the logistics market. We support you in the logistics procurement process with extremely intensive, comprehensive advice coupled with state-of-the-art internet technology.
Our ASP, continuously enhanced e-logistics software solutions are made available to you in the form of customised, internet-based logistics procurement portals for e-sourcing on air, ship and road transportation prices/allocation (SRM -supplier relationship management).
Whether for contract or ad hoc tender, for large or small customers, we provide you with individualised portal solutions.