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GloMaP – no need to create matrices, new software settings or other configurations, no entering service providers, and much more – you only need your actual and/or planned quantities and prices (where available) – and what is left, we will take care of for you
GloMaP – a high-performance analytical tool for comprehensive single and overall evaluations, e.g. by region, country, frequency, transit time, service type, airline or shipping company grouping and much more – s imply ask us ... Contact us
GloMaP – all versions are changeable from covert to reversible (ranking and open) tender invitations
Range of services (list not exhaustive)
Drawing up tender invitations for all modes of transport (air, sea, HGV, CEP)
Setup and specification of your portal and your bidding structure (RFQ – request for quotation)
Support in drawing up and checking your tender invitation data for uploading compatibility
Elimination of any inconsistencies with correction before final upload
Entry of actual volumes and prices with automatic upload function
Support in drawing up a tender invitation and additional information for logistics service providers (confidentiality letter, performance requirements, etc.)
Entry in the system of the service providers you have selected
Transfer and online presentation of your data in the portal
Training of all participating logistics service providers
Notification of participating service providers
Clarifying queries with the participating service providers at the start of the tender invitation
Supporting service providers in relation to the download function and in particular also providing technical support, e.g. browser settings
Checking and accepting quotations from service providers with the upload function
Continual monitoring and making active enquiries to service providers in the event of incorrect or missing prices/data
Drawing up reports for service providers and supporting service providers in eliminating errors in their offers
Real time monitoring until the end of the tender process
Notification of service providers at the end of the tender
Support with the comprehensive online analyses
Renewed tender invitation for subcategories and/or for a possible second round with selected service providers.
Conversion of your final decision and data for data import in your ERP system, e.g. TM3 files for SAP