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GloMaP – no need to create matrices, new software settings or other configurations, no entering service providers, and much more – you only need your actual and/or planned quantities and prices (where available) – and what is left, we will take care of for you
GloMaP – a high-performance analytical tool for comprehensive single and overall evaluations, e.g. by region, country, frequency, transit time, service type, airline or shipping company grouping and much more – s imply ask us ... Contact us
GloMaP – all versions are changeable from covert to reversible (ranking and open) tender invitations
Our products
Our support has two dimensions: logistics advice and software.
We install and configure our e-sourcing solutions for you in the form of individualised company portals for logistics procurement as a web-based application. We advise you on all aspects using our expertise gained from the setup and management of over 150 portals.
Logistics advice:
So that you can get the very best from your portal, we support you in all the necessary steps from the start of the process all the way to the final decision. We support you both in single transactions and in your ongoing invitations to tender and are always there to provide practical help and advice. If we happen to come up against an unforeseeable problem in helping you (due to lack of free capacity or an area in which we lack the requisite knowledge), we will, as required, turn to reliable partners with whom we have collaborated for over 5 years now.
For an overview of the scope of our logistics support, please see our Range of services
There are three different types available. Please let us know your actual needs and we will recommend the right solution.
Whether you use the Standard, Premium or Matrix version, there will be no intervention in your existing IT infrastructure (ASP solution)! And it goes without saying that all the solutions are designed for closed user groups. For a brief overview, please see under the product name.