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GloMaP – no need to create matrices, new software settings or other configurations, no entering service providers, and much more – you only need your actual and/or planned quantities and prices (where available) – and what is left, we will take care of for you
GloMaP – a high-performance analytical tool for comprehensive single and overall evaluations, e.g. by region, country, frequency, transit time, service type, airline or shipping company grouping and much more – s imply ask us ... Contact us
GloMaP – all versions are changeable from covert to reversible (ranking and open) tender invitations
GloMaP Matrix
The Standard and/or Premium versions don’t meet all your needs?
You want a customised software solution for your logistics tender invitations – for example, in the form of an online matrix as a covert RFQ (request for quotation)? And you also want to subsequently negotiate the individual results in an online auction with red/amber/green status indicator, in a closed user group?
Then all this is offered in our online matrix bidding tool! And, of course, how could we forget: there are three negotiation types: covert, ranking and open
Interested? Want more information and a presentation? Then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.