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GloMaP – no need to create matrices, new software settings or other configurations, no entering service providers, and much more – you only need your actual and/or planned quantities and prices (where available) – and what is left, we will take care of for you
GloMaP – a high-performance analytical tool for comprehensive single and overall evaluations, e.g. by region, country, frequency, transit time, service type, airline or shipping company grouping and much more – s imply ask us ... Contact us
GloMaP – all versions are changeable from covert to reversible (ranking and open) tender invitations
Whether for electronic procurement of logistics and transport (e-sourcing) by water, land or air, we offer individualised, web-based software solutions (e-tools). We combine logistics consulting, all-round specialist support and technological expertise to bring you an all-in-one solution. Our portals are offered as ASP (application service provider) solutions, without the need for local software installation.
Individualised portals
For both contract tender invitations and ad hoc (spot) tender invitations, we will set up our portals for you for the electronic procurement of logistics services. The portals are individually designed and configured according to your specifications. For your security, the application and transaction data are kept physically separate from each other.
Closed user groups
Our aim is the highest possible quality rather than quantity. Via closed user groups specified by you in advance or set up with our support, only those service providers specified gain access to your portal and your invitations to tender.